Poe Mill Achievement Center


Poe Mill Achievement Center (PMAC) is an after-school program and summer camp for under-resourced children in Greenville. PMAC, founded by Hannah and Bennett Dixon (G&P members), is currently housed at 37 Pinckney Street and serves about 40 children from Stone Academy and Cherrydale Elementary. In time, PMAC will move into it's new home at 1215 Buncombe Road and begin serving the Poe Mill neighborhood.

How do I get involved with PMAC? 


You can pray for the children, their families, and PMAC's staff - that they would know the love of God and see him at work in their lives.


You can bring dinner one night or come read with a child, play dodgeball, or help with homework!


You can give to PMAC online or write a check to Poe Mill Achievement Center and mail it to 301 Briarcliff Drive / Greenville, SC / 29607.


Please contact Hannah Dixon (hannah@pmacgvl.org) with any questions.


School-year need for PMAC

PMAC (Poe Mill Achievement Center) is looking for volunteers to bring dinner. Sign up here. Details below. Contact Hannah Dixon (hannah@pmacgvl.org) with questions.

—37 Pinckney Street 
—Plan for about 30 children

—Drop off about 5pm or before. If you'd like to stay and serve/eat, you can do that, too!
—Ideally, the meal would have a somewhat healthy component, such as a fruit or veggie.
—Nothing fancy necessary! Some ideas: spaghetti, tacos, breakfast for dinner, hot dogs, BBQ, pizza, spaghetti casserole, chicken alfredo!
—Ideas for easy pickup/drop off options: Tropical Chicken, Pita House, Zoe's Kitchen