Neighborhood Groups


All of us need a smaller community of people where we can know each other more deeply, share needs, study the Scripture in greater depth, and pray for one another. We talk often of the church being our family, but it can be hard to practically grasp that idea on Sunday morning — Neighborhood Groups take what might seem like a nice abstract notion, and make it a reality. We all have a variety of people in our lives that we’ve chosen to befriend, but Neighborhood Groups are unique in that they are truly a group where the one, final common denominator is our union in Christ.

How do you get started? If you’ve not yet found a group, but attend G&P regularly, then we urge you to not let this be pushed to the sidelines. The first step is simply to look at the map (and list) of groups below, and find the one that is closest to where you live. If the time works for you, then reach out to the host before showing up — many groups share meals together, and it’s good for them to know if extra people will be there on a particular night. 


Neighborhood Groups by Location


Neighborhood Groups Contact Info

Groups are listed alphabetically by neighborhood. The name below each group is a link to the host’s email. 


Tuesdays — 6pm
50 W. Avondale Drive
Jeanne Johnson


Wednesdays — 6:30pm
306 Briarcliff Drive
Felicia Murphy


Tuesdays — 6:30pm
16 Parker Ridge Lane
Lisa Carenen

EastSIDE 1

Wednesdays — 6pm
101 Biscayne Drive
Molly Kittleson

EastSIDE 2

Mondays — 6:30pm
6 Sedgefield Drive
Maryfran Anderson


Sundays — 5pm
413 Townes Street
Lindsey Edwards

Lake Forest

Wednesdays — 6pm
15 Lake Forest Drive
Beth Ables


Wednesdays — 6:15pm
301 Lloyd Street
Liz Caldwell


Thursday — 6:30pm
708 McDaniel Avenue
Rose Fyock


Sundays — 6pm
2 Cortona Circle
Cari Palma



Tuesdays — 6:15pm
419 Pinckney Street
Bailey Nevels


Tuesdays — 6pm
202 Sassafras Drive
Karley Vehaun


Mondays — 6:15pm
709 Townes Street
Stephanie Cook


Sundays — 6pm
30 Wedgewood
Kelsey Mathias


Sundays — 5pm
105 Whitehall Street
Rachael Panik

Group information was last updated on October 14, 2019.


Serving with your Neighborhood Group

In addition to getting to know one another within Neighborhood Groups, it is our hope that groups would also go into Greenville to love and to serve. Here are a few current opportunities to do just that.


PMAC (Poe Mill Achievement Center) serves children dinner each night of the week. This is a great way to partner with PMAC - maybe grab a friend or two from your Neighborhood Group to prepare dinner with. Sign up to bring a dinner by emailing Hannah Dixon (

Soteria Reentry Coalition Dinners

Every first Thursday the Greenville Reentry Coalition hosts a Support Group at Soteria (right around the corner from G&P) for returning citizens - people just getting out of prison - to make them aware of resources and to give them emotional support and a meal. As churches, we can support these folks by providing a meal for them. Sign up to do so here.

Contact: Alison Gray (

Playback Cafe

The Playback Cafe is an improvisational theatre group which hears, absorbs and then acts out stories from the audience. Playback gives a voice to the audience at Greenville Rescue Mission—they tell us their stories and we play them back in a variety of creative improvisational forms. It harnesses the power of theater to create a safe space for a community to express themselves and to honor their life stories.

Attending Playback Cafe is a great way to love Greenville Rescue Mission and local artists. It's a family-friendly event.