How You Can Help


We speak often at G&P about how being brought into God’s family through the finished work of Jesus, means we are now all part of the same family, working toward the same goal. We share our lives with one another. We share our hopes, fears, and hurts. And we share our resources. This is a family project that will help us all move closer toward what we want to become, and so we are asking you to support it.

What do we need? 

Our goal is to raise $500,000 over the course of 12 months


What this will cover?

- Approximately $150k to complete the project.

- Furnishing the building

- Landscaping & Maintenance

- Offsetting rent for PMAC

- Funds for possible additional land purchase



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Checks can be mailed to 1215 Buncombe Road / Greenville, SC 29609 (Please note ‘MORE Campaign’ in the memo line)

Please use the pulldown menu to select ‘MORE Campaign.’ You might also consider setting up automatic online giving.

When giving online, please be sure to select “MORE Campaign” in the memo area.

When giving online, please be sure to select “MORE Campaign” in the memo area.


How can you help?

We are asking for 100% participation from all members and regular attenders

We are asking you to pray about a monthly amount to give in addition to regular giving

We are asking you to involve your whole family — what could you sacrifice in order to give?

Possible breakdown of giving

We currently have 155 family units (members & regular attenders).


We would reach our goal if each family unit gives $3,225 over the course of the next 12 months.

An alternate combination

10 families give $10k ($100k)

30 families give $5k ($150k)

50 families give $3k ($150k)

50 families give $2k ($100k)